Elon Musk Nixes Partnership with Don Lemon


Elon Musk Nixes Partnership with Don Lemon. Hey, here’s some unexpected news: Don Lemon, the former CNN anchor, just announced that Elon Musk pulled the plug on their partnership. Lemon was all set to host a new show on X, Musk’s social media platform, but now that plan’s out the window.

The Scoop

Deal Gone South

So, Lemon spilled the beans on Wednesday, saying that Musk ditched the deal just hours after Lemon taped an interview with him for the premiere of The Don Lemon Show on March 18. Lemon thought the interview went well, but clearly, Musk had a change of heart.

Lemon’s Take

Not Feeling the Love

Lemon mentioned that Musk seemed to have a different vibe after their interview. He thought they had a good conversation, but Musk’s decision says otherwise. Lemon feels like Musk’s vision of a platform where everyone’s voice is heard doesn’t extend to questioning him.

Musk’s Side

Authenticity Concerns

Musk, on the other hand, claims the partnership fell through because Lemon wasn’t being himself. According to Musk, Lemon was just echoing what Jeff Zucker, the former president of CNN, wanted. Musk believes in authenticity, and he felt Lemon didn’t bring that to the table.

The Fallout

No Hard Feelings

Despite the canceled deal, Lemon’s show will go on. The interview with Musk will still be aired on Lemon’s show, along with being posted on YouTube, podcasts, and X. Musk’s platform says Lemon’s content is welcome, but they made a business decision to nix the partnership.

Legal Tussle Ahead?

Money Talks

Lemon expects to get paid for the partnership with X, and if necessary, he’s ready to take the matter to court. His spokesperson made it clear that Lemon had a deal with X, and he intends to get compensated for it.


Past Controversies

In case you’re wondering, Lemon was axed from CNN last year following some controversial comments on air and reports of how he treated his colleagues. Despite that, X announced in January that Lemon would host a show on their platform, along with other personalities like Tulsi Gabbard and Jim Rome.

What’s Next?

Unanswered Questions

We tried reaching out to Musk and his team, as well as Twitter, but so far, we don’t have all the details. It’s unclear if there was a formal contract between X and The Don Lemon Show, and what the terms of the partnership were.

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