The degrading TV Repair services at Best Buy: A real incident

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The degrading TV Repair services at Best Buy: A real incident

If you are a couch potato and movies and television remain your favourite form of entertainment, then having a dead TV in your house and that too for more than four weeks could make you go mad. Let us not hope that we are in the shoes of our friend here who posted in the Best Buy consumers forum, who had to not only go without watching television for more than four weeks but also had to spend $1500 for a television set which he had originally bought for $3000.

Before, the post of the harassed customer gets deleted from the wall of Best Buy Geek Squad, let us brief the incident in a nutshell to our readers so that they might be aware of the situation as a whole.

One of our friend put the first complaint to the Geek Squad team, at the end of November 2018. On a fine winter evening, he was watching the television when suddenly green spots started appearing on the television. He immediately called Best Buy and an appointment with a technician was fixed after a week, due to the busy schedules of all available technicians.

In the meantime, the television stopped working completely. He reported that to team Best Buy, but the issue was not even escalated, he was asked to wait for the technician and was assured that the technician would take care of the issue.

Now, the joy ride begins! Their technician does arrive after a week and after having a look at the television confirmed that in order to fix the television, he needs to order some spare parts and that would take a week to get delivered. He notes down the serial number and sends down the order, assuring that the issue would be fixed within a week.

He calls back after a week, however, our friend had only one of the boxes delivered. But what so ever, the technician visits him that he will visit him as soon as the boxes are delivered. The boxes do get delivered, but alas! The parts delivered are wrong.


The technician patiently notes down the serial number and orders for the parts, a second time. And no surprise for guesses! This time too, wrong parts arrived. But the technician tries fixing the motherboard with those parts, but to our dismay, he couldn’t. He notes down the serial number and orders the spares for the third time. And the third time lucky, this time the parts do get delivered, and the technician comes in and fixes the television set.

The conclusion: Happy Ending.

No, you are wrong. As soon as our friend starts watching the television the green spots start reappearing within an hour. Flustered, he calls the customer service again. But the customer service replies that the technician is now too far away to drive back to his house and that he has to reschedule an appointment.

So, our friend has realised that he had already invested $1500 and four weeks with a dead television. We believe that Best Buy would do something to put it right.

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